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Video Wizard helps you to create video that explains your complex idea to the world.

We have all you need to make your idea look better. It takes lots of thinking, drawing, writing, planning, mixing, desinging and love to make the animation that your audience will admire.

Benefits Of
Live Videos

Wider Audience Potential

Live videos help in interactive with more crowd the whole way across the globe in sharing the message. It is intriguing because of the degree of commitment that this kind of video creates.

Richer Content Usage

Adaptability to utilize the types of content and media including pictures, text, and live chat. One can even access diverse introduction techniques.

Takes Less Time To Produce

When contrasted with a thorough bit of content that would not create a ton of introduction, live videos is the ideal approach to impart your message.

Aids Video Streaming

Live videos permit your crowd to effectively partake in the occasion being communicated by submitting remarks or potential questions.


They liven up your online experience


Corporate world uses such live video techniques to enhance and maximize direct communication with customers and community partners. Live streaming is used by businesses or individuals to reach and interact with more people across the world.


People are also more inclined to share videos than text-based content. These days video testimonials have helped in gaining exposure and humanizing your brand. This shows how much your business is authentic / credible and is loved by people around.

Green Screen

Green screen live videos show consistency of your message. Filming a green screen is cost-effective and helps in producing professional video content.

Brand Awareness

Promoting your brands' logos or advertising an upcoming event is done through green screen while streaming live. In addition to standing out from your competitors, you will also have a professional and high quality video to use wherever you please.

Create Your
Niche for Business Success

With different types of explainer videos for you to choose, you get the very best for you.


When it comes to promoting your product online along with highlighting its features and benefits, there is no better way than a dedicated explainer video.


Augment the usability of your product or show-off your skills to the world through effective Screencast tutorial videos.


Engaging and animated training videos are a great and effective way to ensure that you are getting across the right message to your viewer.

Your big picture comes in many sizes!

It does, and we are here to make that possible for you. Our Video Animation Studio has 150 CGI artists and developers who are committed to providing maximum quality. We take your project through a full production cycle; Creative development, directing, storyboarding, editing, modeling, rigging, creating layout, animating, lighting, VFX, compositing, and grading to achieve what is needed to make it perfect.



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We are glad to work with Video Wizardz for one of our video animation projects. Concept created by their experts was simply great with combined innovation. Good job team.
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Finding someone who would deliver high quality medical oriented explainer video has always been difficult but we were lucky to have Video Wizardz who understood our concept and created the best for us. Thank you for being such a great help.

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