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Video Wizard helps you to create video that explains your complex idea to the world.

We have all you need to make your idea look better. It takes lots of thinking, drawing, writing, planning, mixing, desinging and love to make the animation that your audience will admire.

Explainer Video
for All Industries

They liven up your online experience

Enlarge Conversions

Here is how you can make your customers loyal Add an animated video to your website and watch those conversion ratings reach the top.

Videos over Text

Videos are 5 times more powerful than texts Hence, Videos over text!

Be Seen on Google

There's no surprise about explainer videos that help you secure a high rank on Google through links.

Social Media Buzz

Video sharing on social media is catching fire! It helps you explain your words to the masses in a fun way!

Video Styles
you can choose from

2D Animation

Make your customers, loyal; add a 2D animated video to your website and watch those conversion ratings reach the top. We at Video Wizardz help you stand tall from your competition with unique 2D videos that not only promotes your business but also manage to grab the attention of your audience.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animations are the best way to tell stunning stories in a simple video. We give what you want with effortless animation, instantly memorable and affordable yet attractive whiteboard video for your business.

Motion Graphics

Want us to make a masterpiece for you? Let us guide you to the best motion graphics animated videos that would attract your audience. Motion graphics videos have known for the best explainer videos to market and increase the conversion rate for your business.

Screen-Cast Videos

Team Video Wizardz makes video recording and editing easy for you with their screen cast explainer video techniques. We believe in producing and sharing the best quality screen cast videos which are not lengthy and boring for your audience to grasp the message.

Typography Videos

Typography videos are accepted as one of the premium methods of story-telling. Whether you’re new to visual storytelling or a certified expert, we recommend you with our finest quality typographic animated videos.

Cut-Out Videos

Cut out animation is one of the simplest and easy animation techniques and have many different varieties and forms. Cut out video is an effective way to communicate a complicated idea and helps you focus and express your message clearly.

Create Your
Niche for Business Success

With different types of explainer videos for you to choose, you get the very best for you.


When it comes to promoting your product online along with highlighting its features and benefits, there is no better way than a dedicated explainer video.


Augment the usability of your product or show-off your skills to the world through effective Screen Cast tutorial videos.


Engaging and animated training video is a great and effective way to ensure your message is being tailored to the right audience.

Your big picture comes in many sizes!

It does, and we are here to make that possible for you. Our Video Animation Studio has 150 CGI artists and developers who are committed to providing maximum quality. We take your project through a full production cycle; Creative development, directing, storyboarding, editing, modeling, rigging, creating layout, animating, lighting, VFX, compositing, and grading to achieve what is needed to make it perfect.



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Take a look at our ever-expanding portfolio of awesome business videos, designed to generate leads and conversions wherever they're viewed.

Team Wizardz delivers success with perfection. Their video production process is so simple to understand yet creative and focuses on 100% positive outcome. Recommended.
- Shell

We are glad to work with Video Wizardz for one of our video animation projects. Concept created by their experts was simply great with combined innovation. Good job team.
- Citi Bank

We wanted a video for our business, Video Wizardz recommended motion graphics category to us. Team Video Wizardz did an amazing job and did wonders with animation. We would love to work again.
- E - Solutions

Finding someone who would deliver high quality medical oriented explainer video has always been difficult but we were lucky to have Video Wizardz who understood our concept and created the best for us. Thank you for being such a great help.

- Hospitality IQ