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Video Wizard helps you to create video that explains your complex idea to the world.

We have all you need to make your idea look better. It takes lots of thinking, drawing, writing, planning, mixing, desinging and love to make the animation that your audience will admire.


We create Videos and Visual Content to assist all the digital needs of our clients.

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Here is what we do! We create engaging videos at our animation studio for you to use on the web, cinema, or any other digital platforms. Our animated videos are all about well-structured videos and well-designed characters that will untap the potential of what you do. From production houses to advertising agencies and established brands, we work with all the top brands worldwide.

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Explainer Videos

Want to know the secret to have loads of loyal customers? The secret is simple! It's explainer videos. We all know the world is going through a fast pace where people do not have to stop and look at your advertisements. They need something that goes along with their speed and delivers the message effectively as well. This is where the explainer video comes! It instigates a power response from your audience by interacting with them.

Live Action Videos

What exactly does live-action videos bring to the table? Real Voice? Check. Real people? Check? Same real-life feeling? Definitely yes! It's time to engage your audience with live action videos that we at video wizardz create for you. From increased viewership to conversions, you will experience it all!.

3D Videos

Let our wizards show you what real magic looks like with 3D videos! A real-life video with animations that move is what your business needs! 3D videos are all about creating characters and backgrounds on a three-dimensional surface that makes everything look real.

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A smooth, streamlined process, along with affordability, is our mantra. Please get to know about our process before working with us!





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Your big picture comes in many sizes!

It does, and we are here to make that possible for you. Our Video Animation Studio has 150 CGI artists and developers who are committed to providing maximum quality. We take your project through a full production cycle; Creative development, directing, storyboarding, editing, modeling, rigging, creating layout, animating, lighting, VFX, compositing, and grading to achieve what is needed to make it perfect.



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Team Wizardz delivers success with perfection. Their video production process is so simple to understand yet creative and focuses on 100% positive outcome. Recommended.
- Shell

We are glad to work with Video Wizardz for one of our video animation projects. Concept created by their experts was simply great with combined innovation. Good job team.
- Citi Bank

We wanted a video for our business, Video Wizardz recommended motion graphics category to us. Team Video Wizardz did an amazing job and did wonders with animation. We would love to work again.
- E - Solutions

Finding someone who would deliver high quality medical oriented explainer video has always been difficult but we were lucky to have Video Wizardz who understood our concept and created the best for us. Thank you for being such a great help.

- Hospitality IQ